How To Bypass iCloud Activation Using GadgetWide o~r doulCi Alternative Method (New)

GadgetWide o~r doulCi iCloud Bypass Activation?

Although thousands of people have bypassed iCloud activation using the doulCi server but it seems there are still many people who could not get it to work. If you are one of those people who were facing problems while using doulCi this tutorial is for you. Here is an alternative method for bypassing iCloud activation using GadgetWide tool: it’s a doulCi alternative. So check out the tutorial below.


doulCi Alternative Method: GadgetWide


If you still haven’t unlocked your iPhone or bypassed iCloud activation on an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch there is an alternative method. This tool called GadgetWide Cloud Control basically works the same way as doulCi. Some people have havent as far as mentioning GadgetWide to be a complete copy of doulCi but I haven’t confirmed that yet.


Well those of you who are looking for an alternative that might work; then this is for you. Some of you have been mentioning doulCi is offline most of the time, the reason being the popularity and the servers being overloaded most of the time. So this method will work for you.

Bypass iCloud Activation


Before you begin, here are some important staff about this Solution


If you have already written the “Magic Lines”, the server IP in the host file, please remove it before proceeding this guide. It might interfere with this so it won’t work. For the best outcome remove that line.


Like doulCi, GadgetWide connects to an unknown server and the people behind it might use it for their own benefit. So proceed with caution.


This method using GadgetWide is simpler than doulCi but in this you need to download the tool unlike doulCi which is done completely online.


  • GadgetWide currently only supports Windows platform.


  • doulCi is going to be updated in the coming days with better support, so if you want to wait for it then you can.


  • does not take responsibility if you damage your iOS device or your computer.


Well let’s being this tutorial on how to bypass iCloud activation using GadgetWide: doulCi alternative method.




Step 1: As mentioned above, remove the doulCi server IP in the host file if you still haven’t.


Step 2: Download GadgetWide Cloud Control Service.


Step 3: Once downloaded head over to the file and open “GadgetWide Cloud Control Service.MSI” file.


Step 4: Complete the entire installation procedure.


Step 5: Once it has been installed, an icon will appear on your desktop. Open the GadgetWide tool icon.


Step 6: Check the two boxes which says you have read the terms and conditions.


Step 7: Now fill the registration form and click “Register Now”.


Step 8: Once you have registered, head over to the desktop and click the GadgetWide icon. The image (above) should appear, if you have successfully registered.


Step 9: Click continue.


Step 10: The following screen will be shown (below). Click on the “Start Now” button.


GadgetWide consol


Step 11: A security alert will pop up saying the site identity can not be verified, simply click yes.


Step 12: iTunes will automatically start, now simply connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to bypass iCloud Activation.


That’s it folks, if you have followed the step correctly your iOS 9 device should be unlocked and you to use for free.


There is another thing to note and that is some users of the iPhone 6s+/5/5s/c have faced some problems using this but many have still managed to unlock their iPhone.


As always if you face any problem, leave a comment below and I will get to it. Let me know if this method worked for you or not.


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