How to Login to iCloud Account on iPhone or iPad?

  1. How to Log In “ICLOUD” Account from your iPhone, iPad?
  2. How to login/sign in Account
  3. How to login into iCloud from your iPhone iPad?

It’s unbelievable how difficult Apple makes logging into your account from your iPhone or iDevice. I mean this is their service, so why make it so challenging?

Currently, when you open any browser, including Safari, the only options we see are: Set up iCloud on this device, Open Find My iPhone, and Open Find My Friends.

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So Why Even Bother to log in to

Your iCloud account contains what’s most important to you in your mobile life. Things like your contacts, iCloud drive, photos, notes, reminders, calendar, mail, and most importantly your backups. And iCloud shares this information across all of your devices, including iDevices and your computers.

How to access account

  • Open any browser
  • Visit
  • Tap on the Settings Menu (3 dots on screen right)
  • Select “Request Desktop Site” from the menu options
  • If the desktop version doesn’t appear, re-enter in the web address bar
  • Login to desktop version with your Apple ID as you usually do

When you log in to, you check both iCloud accounts that are linked and not linked to your iPhone and other iDevices. Since iDevices allow only ONE iCloud account (and Apple ID) to connect to your device, using this browser-based method to access your iCloud accounts lets you move photos and other information between accounts!

But Apple does not make checking our iCloud accounts on our iPhones and iDevices mobile browsers easy!

It’s quite easy to log into using any web browser on your computer (PC or mac.) But not so for Apple’s mobile iDevices. Apparently, Apple sees no real reason to log into your iCloud account from your iOS device as you already have access to all of your iCloud account’s content on your iOS device.

As mentioned, Apple’s website is not designed for mobile devices. But with Apple products, there are always workarounds.



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