Best Apple Watch Tips and Tricks 2017

Apple Watch tips and tricks to use Siri, muting notifications or saving battery life. Most useful  Apple Watch tips and tricks you should know.
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  • How to Hold a call with Apple Watch

If you get an incoming call notification on your Apple Watch but want to wait until you grab your iPhone to start the conversation, it’s possible to hold the call temporarily. To do so, simply turn the digital crown to scroll down and then tap the “Answer on iPhone” option when an incoming call comes in. You now have some time to grab your iPhone and begin talking. In the interim, Apple’s support guide notes that the person on the other line will hear a “repeated sound” until you find your device. Of course, if you can’t locate your iPhone at the moment, you can use the aforementioned “Ping my iPhone” option to locate it.

  • Apple Watch to Take a Screenshot

A nifty feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to take a screenshot of the device’s display. This can be achieved by simultaneously pressing the side button and the digital crown. For anyone who has taken screenshots on their iPhone, this process should be rather familiar.

  • Write stock Messages responses

With the Messages app on the Apple Watch, Apple has provided a few quick pre-composed responses to help users send contextual replies. Taking this a bit further, the Apple Watch also enables users to compose their own stock Messages responses and substitute them for what Apple has come up with. To do so, launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Once that is open, go to the Messages setting and then select Default Replies to apply your desired changes.

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  • Apple Watch Share Your Location

Sharing your location with other Apple Watch or iPhone users is a breeze. To do so, simply apply a “Force Touch” on the Apple Watch display from within the Messages app. Next, select “send location,” and a pinned map will be sent to the active recipient.


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