Best tips: iPhone’s iOS 10 hidden features, tricks and guides (Par-1)

Top 15 best hidden features and tricks in your iPhone’s iOS (Apple Operating System). Let me know you the ultimate #iPhone #iOS10 #Tips:


  1. Just raise your iPhone and the screen will light up to show you the time and any missed notifications.
  2. Your iPhone camera is easier than ever to access: just swipe right from the lockscreen and it will open.
  3. You can finally remove Apple apps you don’t want, like Stocks and News from iOS 10 iPhone.
  4. Need more space for iPhone? You can automatically remove downloaded music that you haven’t played in awhile. Just go to Settings > Music > Optimize Storage
  5. Press and hold the send button in Messages to see a new list of fun text customizations. You can also tap and hold on a message to send a quick reaction, like a thumbs up.
  6. You can draw on photos and videos before sending them. Tap one before sending and then tap “Markup” to start doodling.
  7. If you send someone “happy birthday” in the Messages app, they’ll see a special balloon animation.
  8. Apps can now work directly in Messages, and some of them are pretty useful. Square Cash and Venmo let you send money to people in a conversation.
  9. You can now choose who sees your read receipts in the Messages app. Tap the top right “Details” button in a conversation to switch receipts on or off for who you’re messaging.
  10. Apps like Foursquare can send you notifications with more information, like photos and links.
  11. You can control the intensity of your flashlight on the iPhone 6s and up. Just press down on the shortcut.
  12. You can check to see what’s wrong with your WiFI connection or if the network isn’t secure.
  13. Apple Music can show you a song’s lyrics. Just swipe up while it’s playing or tap the button at the bottom right.
  14. The shuffle button in the Music app has been moved. Swipe up on the screen to find it.
  15. You can collaborate in the Notes app with other people running iOS 10.

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