How to Use Apple Watch as a remote viewfinder, camera remote

How to Use Apple Watch as a remote viewfinder, camera remote?
#RemoteViewFinder #camera #remote #AppleWatch #CameraRemoteOne of the coolest features of the Apple Watch is that you can use its display as a viewfinder for your iPhone’s camera. In other words, you can set up your iPhone at a distance, monitor the scene via your Apple Watch, and snap a photo remotely.

In order for this feature to work, the Watch and iPhone need to be within Bluetooth range, approximately 33 feet or closer. To get started, open the Camera app on the Apple Watch and press the shutter button to take a quick snapshot. Note that photos will be stored on your iPhone but can be quickly reviewed on your Apple Watch as well.


Activating Siri on Apple Watch!

How to Activate Siri on Apple Watch?
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Seeing as how the Apple Watch has no keyboard, Siri is a much more integral input mechanism than it is on the iPhone. There are two main ways to activate Siri. First, you can simply lift up your wrist and say “Hey Siri” before making a voice command. Keep in mind, though, that the “Hey Siri” functionality only works if the device is either a) in Glances mode or b) in watch face mode. Of course, the easiest way to activate Siri is to simply initiate a long-press on the digital crown. Siri can be used for a host of activities, from setting appointments to even asking how many steps you’ve taken for the day.

Best Apple Watch Tips and Tricks 2017

Apple Watch tips and tricks to use Siri, muting notifications or saving battery life. Most useful  Apple Watch tips and tricks you should know.
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  • How to Hold a call with Apple Watch

If you get an incoming call notification on your Apple Watch but want to wait until you grab your iPhone to start the conversation, it’s possible to hold the call temporarily. To do so, simply turn the digital crown to scroll down and then tap the “Answer on iPhone” option when an incoming call comes in. You now have some time to grab your iPhone and begin talking. In the interim, Apple’s support guide notes that the person on the other line will hear a “repeated sound” until you find your device. Of course, if you can’t locate your iPhone at the moment, you can use the aforementioned “Ping my iPhone” option to locate it.

  • Apple Watch to Take a Screenshot

A nifty feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to take a screenshot of the device’s display. This can be achieved by simultaneously pressing the side button and the digital crown. For anyone who has taken screenshots on their iPhone, this process should be rather familiar.

  • Write stock Messages responses

With the Messages app on the Apple Watch, Apple has provided a few quick pre-composed responses to help users send contextual replies. Taking this a bit further, the Apple Watch also enables users to compose their own stock Messages responses and substitute them for what Apple has come up with. To do so, launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Once that is open, go to the Messages setting and then select Default Replies to apply your desired changes.

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  • Apple Watch Share Your Location

Sharing your location with other Apple Watch or iPhone users is a breeze. To do so, simply apply a “Force Touch” on the Apple Watch display from within the Messages app. Next, select “send location,” and a pinned map will be sent to the active recipient.

Easy Data Recovery for iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4

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A life saver for people lost photos, contacts, messages, notes, etc. from iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4.

Recover Everything You Valued, Memorable Photos, Important Contacts, etc from your Apple iPhone.

👀Selectively Scan & Recover iPhone Data

Feel frustrated about taking too much time to scan and find your lost files? iPhone Data Recovery software makes data recovery much easier and more efficiently. Just specify the program to scan file types that you really need, and then you’ll locate your lost files in scan results for quick recovery. More conveniently, when your iPhone gets stuck at recovery mode, this program allows you exiting recovery mode firstly in just one click.

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👀Real-time Preview Prior Recovery

All data found on iPhone Recovery Software are well-organized and you can review contents, time, date, number, etc. of your SMS, call history, etc. before recovery, which allows you recovering data quickly and accurately.

👀Recover iPhone Data to Local Computer

Our Suggested iPhone Data Recovery Software can recover and save your lost/deleted files to computer in multiple formats. Text contents (Messages, Call History, Notes, etc.) can be saved as .txt, .xls, .xml file; Media contents (Videos, Photos, Memos) will be recovered as original formats like .jpg, .png, .mp4, etc; iPhone Contacts can be exported as .vcf file.

Sync Recovered SMS, Contacts and Notes to iPhone

Conveniently, you are now free to sync recovered messages, contacts and notes directly back to your iPhone.

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    👀What’s New:
    1. Recover lost data when APFS replaces HFS+ file system.
    2. Fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode without iTunes.
    3. Support to selectively scan iPhone data.
    4. Support iOS 10.3 and RED iPhone 7/7 Plus.
    5. Repair iPhone operating system to fix iOS crash/stuck/errors.
    6. Fix some bugs

#5 Best Digital Photography Tips

Learn new photography techniques – and master old ones – with this essential photographer’s resource (tools). Whether you are a beginner or more experienced with photography, there are some tips that will benefit you and give you better results. Here are some common issues that you may have to deal with and some tips on how you can use them to your advantage.

1. Compose in Thirds

To use the rule of thirds, imagine four lines, two lying horizontally across the image and two vertical creating nine even squares. Some images will look best with the focal point in the center square, but placing the subject off center will often create a more aesthetically composed photograph. When a photograph is composed using the rule of thirds the eyes will wander the frame.

2. Avoid Camera Shake

Camera shake or blur is something that can plague any photographer and here are some ways to avoid it. First, you need to learn how to hold your camera properly; use both hands, one around the body and one around the lens and hold the camera close to your body for support. Also make sure you are using a shutter speed that matches the lens focal length. So if you’re using a 100mm lens, then your shutter speed should be no lower than 1/100th of a second.

3. The Sunny 16 Rule

The idea with the Sunny 16 rule is that we can use it to predict how to meter our camera on a sunny outdoor day. So when in that situation, choose an aperture of f/16 and 1/100th of a second shutter speed (provided you are using ISO 100). You should have a sharp image that is neither under or over exposed. This rule is useful if you don’t have a functioning light meter or if your camera doesn’t have an LCD screen to review the image.

4. Use a Polarizing Filter

you can only buy one filter for your lens, make it a polarizer. This filter helps reduce reflections from water as well as metal and glass; it improves the colors of the sky and foliage, and it will protect your lens too. There’s no reason why you can’t leave it on for all of your photography. The recommended kind of polarizer is circular because these allow your camera to use TTL (through the lens) metering (i.e. Auto exposure)

5. Create a Sense of Depth

photographing landscapes it really helps to create a sense of depth, in other words, make the viewer feel like they are there. Use a wide-angle lens for a panoramic view and a small aperture of f/16 or smaller to keep the foreground and background sharp. Placing an object or person in the foreground helps give a sense of scale and emphasizes how far away the distance is. Use a tripod if possible, as a small aperture usually requires a slower shutter speed.

Best Way to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone 7 Plus/ 6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5

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Easy iPhone IMEI Unlock Solution to Use any Phone Carrier Network Permanently on Your iPhone. Fast Unlock iCloud Lock. iCloud Activation Lock Removal Solution. Get iPhone IMEI Network Check Report. Find out What Network on Your iPhone or iPad is Locked & Jailbreak iOS 10/8/9 iPhone, iPad and iPod.

If you bought a second hand iPhone/iPad Air/iPod Touch for less than half the market value, and you were really happy about your purchase. But then you try to ȯperate it and you are asked for an Apple ID and password. Can you identify with the above given situation? It doesn’t have to be exactly like that, maybe you were given an iPhone as a gift by someone, or maybe you just accidentally got your iPhone iCloud locked. If you are using an iCloud locked iPhone, your primary concern should be how to Unlock iCloud locked iPhone. You should be careful about the techniques you use to unlock iCloud locked iPhone, there are a lot of companies and softwares out there that promise results but don’t deliver.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different safe iCloud Removal methods by which to unlock iCloud locked iPhone. So read on if you have an iCloud locked iPhone with you!

Part of the normal process of setting up a new iPhone is to register the phone to an Apple ID. Each phone has a unique number, an IMEI. Also, to fully use the services offered by Apple each user needs to have an Apple ID, that is an iTunes account. When setting up a new phone, you should enable ‘Find My iPhone’. When you do that the unique details are logged to the Apple account and the phone is referred to as being iCloud locked. Your account details are linked to the iPhone and stored on Apple’s servers, they are therefore iCloud locked. If you do not know the details of the account, the email and password used to originally register the new phone, it is a problem, and you may find it useful to know how to Unlock/Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

  • What does this mean for you iCloud Unlocking/Bypass Activation?

If you have an iCloud locked iPhone, which you do not know the account details for, you can still use it. There are a lot of websites that will tell you that you cannot use it at all but you can still use it as long as the phone isn’t passcode protected. However, you cannot turn off Find My iPhone on the device, you cannot erase the device, and you cannot reactivate the phone to set it up with your details. Most significantly, if the phone is connected to the internet, it is traceable, and the person whose account it is registered to can, at any time, wipe the phone clean and lock you out of it in any way at all. The iPhone really is not much use then, unless you can find a way to unlock iCloud activation. Read More Apple Solution Here.

Now that you know everything you need to know about an iCloud locked iPhone, read on to find out how to unlock iCloud locked iPhone.

[[iCloud Account Unlock]] How to IMEI Unlock iCloud for iPhone 4,4s,5,5c,5s,6,6s,7,7 Plus

#Unlock]] How to IMEI Unlock iCloud for iPhone 4s,5,5s,6,6s,7,7+ Is your iPhone locked by iCloud?
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Are you iPhone User? If you are looking for an iCloud Unlocking service, you have come to the right place. Many users who bought a second-hand iPhone realized too late that the iPhone is actually locked to iCloud. Is your iPhone also locked by iCloud? Owning an iPhone with the iCloud Activation Lock enabled is a real danger – no matter if its your own iPhone or you found or bought it iCloud locked. But do not worry, I am going to explain you how to unlock and bypass the iCloud Lock from your iPhone with simple online services. Let’s get started.

How to unlock / bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen on iPhone@ \\READ MORE HERE//

There are plenty of reasons why you should unlock an iPhone locked to iCloud. Some think of it as an iCloud Unlock, but thats not technically speaking true. The problem is that an iPhone that is locked with iCloud cannot be activated. In fact, it can only be activated if you login with the Apple ID and password that the iPhone is linked to. And once you forget the iCloud password and can’t recover it, you are in trouble. No matter how much you paid for your iPhone, the person who previously logged into Apple iCloud, can BLOCK you from using it. That’s why you need to remove the iCloud account from your iPhone if you are buying a used one, even if you don’t see the Activation Lock Screen. Otherwise you cannot activate or use the iPhone without fear of getting locked out. If you see the iCloud Activation Screen and just want to remove iCloud Lock, the best way around is to buy an iCloud account unlock online. The service will basically remove the iPhone from the previous owner’s iCloud account, so you can setup the iPhone under your own iCloud account and finally make calls, send iMessages and use any apps from the AppStore.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad

Don’t worry. As Losing an iPhone or iPad can be one of the most horrible experiences in your life as both of your devices may have many personal and private details of yours. But finding somebody’s iPhone can be equally challenging as you wish to (or need to) give the phone back to its owner. Just imagine that you have stumbled upon an iPhone that belongs to somebody else, and with all good intentions, you want to return that iPhone to its owner. Even with your bona fides, you won’t be able to do so until you get the contact number or email id of the owner. Since the phone is locked, you cannot have access to anything stored inside. Moreover, if the owner has not put its iPhone on Lost Mode, you won’t be able to see a custom message set by the owner.

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Unlock/Bypass iPhone iCLoud Activation Lock

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in iOS 10 or iOS 9 for iPhone and iPad

While you have an iPhone in your hand, you are on “Activate iPhone Screen“. Now press the home button and tap on Wi-Fi Settings; now tap on “i” next to Wi-Fi symbol. From here, you need to follow below mentioned steps after removing the existing DNS. (In this situation, there is a way to help the owner get his phone back. Bypass iCloud Lock in iOS 9 or iOS 8 for iPhone. This method works from iOS 10.2+ to iOS 9.x.)

Step #1. The new DNS you need to type in is as below:

  • If you are in USA/North America, type in
  • If you are in Europe, type in
  • If are in Asia, type in
  • In rest of the world, type in

Step #2. Tap on Back.

Step #3. Now tap on Done.

Step #4. Tap on Activation Help.

Once it is done, now you can see some text on the iPhone that reads, “You have successfully connected to my server.”

By tapping on Menu on the top right, you can access different functions like iCloud Locked User Chat, Social, Internet, Mail, Maps, YouTube, Video, Audio, Games and more.

Master Bypass iCloud Lock/Unlock iPhone 7, 7 Plus, iPhone 6s plus

If you bought an iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus from from second hand retailer. Or perhaps you have bought it from eBay or other internet site and now you have a device which is Locked by iCloud os so cold iCloud Locked. Then relax because we have found a way to remove the iCloud lock, Bypass iCloud Lock from your device even if you cannot contact the previous owner and you do not know his Apple ID and password. Yes, this is possible and you will not be required to go to Apple store to do this. Here you can Learn what to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. To easily remove the iCloud Activation Lock credentials from the former owner you will just need to follow a few simple steps which will enable you to remotely complete the process. It is very troublesome when you own a device of this kind because you may not realize it at first but owning a device of this kind is illegal. So basically this means that you are not allowed to use it and without the proper info you cannot activate the lock screen so you will have to return the device to the seller.

That is why we would like to offer you our service to fully Bypass iCloud Activation lock and Remove it Permanently.

Why Master Bypass iCloud Lock Unlock Tool is the Best Choice for Your iCloud Locked iphone

The process is not very simple but you will handle it.

Our Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Unlock Tool for iphone 7, 7 Plus, 5, 6 and 6 Plus will help you to permanently get rid of the iCloud locked account of your iPhone. Moreover there is the option of bypass icloud lock when it’s necessary to enter the iCloud username and password and you do not have the iCloud log-in credentials or you have forgotten them.

Although the Activation Lock has greatly improved the security of the Apple devices there is still one major disadvantage. A lot of buyers and sellers who purchased their devices in legal way have issues with the iCloud Activation lock screen due to lack of communication.

In this way they are forced to try to find a way to delete/remove and bypass iCloud Screen. But due to lack of knowledge many people are unaware of the Activation lock and it actually works so due to this many Apple iPhone and iPad devices end up being sold without having this feature disabled. And once you obtain a device of this kind you as a buyer will not be able to use this device.
In case that you can access the seller of your device you will need to go to Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings. If you know the proper Apple ID and password you will remove the Activation screen Lock easily.

Top 5 Best New iPhone Features in iOS 10.2



After an oddly long beta period that saw Apple release something like 427 different versions of its pre-release mobile software, the company on Monday finally pushed iOS 10.2 out to an eager public. Why was the public so eager? Was it because iOS 10.2 fixes some crazy security holes or adds a few groundbreaking new features? No, the public was anxiously await new emoji. Lots and lots of new emoji.


Of course, there’s plenty more to iOS 10.2 than just new emoji, and in this post we’ll cover all of the best new features that just arrived on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch courtesy of iOS 10.2.


New emoji

Okay, so clearly we have to start with all of iOS 10.2’s new emoji, since this is the feature iPhone users have been awaiting most eagerly. The addition of Unicode 9.0 support means that a flood of new emoji are washing over iPhone and iPad keyboards worldwide. In total, more than 100 new emoji have been added, and that doesn’t even include all of the older emoji that were updated in this new release.

Here are some of the hottest new emoji that Apple added in iOS 10.2:

  • 🤣 Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  • 🤠 Face With Cowboy Hat
  • 🤡 Clown Face
  • 🤥 Lying Face
  • 🤤 Drooling Face
  • 🤢 Nauseated Face
  • 🤧 Sneezing Face
  • 🤴 Prince
  • 🤶 Mother Christmas
  • 🤵 Man In Tuxedo
  • 🤷 Shrug
  • 🤦 Face Palm
  • 🤰 Pregnant Woman
  • 🕺 Man Dancing
  • 🤳 Selfie
  • 🤞 Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed
  • 🤙 Call Me Hand
  • 🤛 Left-Facing Fist
  • 🤜 Right-Facing Fist
  • 🤚 Raised Back Of Hand
  • 🤝 Handshake
  • 🖤 Black Heart
  • 🦍 Gorilla
  • 🦊 Fox Face
  • 🦌 Deer
  • 🦏 Rhinoceros
  • 🦇 Bat
  • 🦅 Eagle
  • 🦆 Duck
  • 🦉 Owl
  • 🦎 Lizard
  • 🦈 Shark
  • 🦐 Shrimp
  • 🦑 Squid
  • 🦋 Butterfly
  • 🥀 Wilted Flower
  • 🥝 Kiwifruit
  • 🥑 Avocado
  • 🥔 Potato
  • 🥕 Carrot
  • 🥒 Cucumber
  • 🥜 Peanuts
  • 🥐 Croissant
  • 🥖 Baguette Bread
  • 🥞 Pancakes
  • 🥓 Bacon
  • 🥙 Stuffed Flatbread
  • 🥚 Egg
  • 🥘 Shallow Pan Of Food
  • 🥗 Green Salad
  • 🥛 Glass of Milk
  • 🥂 Clinking Glasses
  • 🥃 Tumbler Glass
  • 🥄 Spoon
  • 🛑 Octagonal Sign
  • 🛴 Scooter
  • 🛵 Motor Scooter
  • 🛶 Canoe
  • 🥇 First Place Medal
  • 🥈 Second Place Medal
  • 🥉 Third Place Medal
  • 🥊 Boxing Glove
  • 🥋 Martial Arts Uniform
  • 🤸 Person Doing Cartwheel
  • 🤼 Wrestlers
  • 🤽 Water Polo
  • 🤾 Handball
  • 🤺 Fencer
  • 🥅 Goal Net
  • 🤹 Juggling
  • 🥁 Drum With Drumsticks
  • 🛒 Shopping Trolley

Click any of the links above to get more details on each emoji courtesy of Emojipedia, or check out this post to see a rundown of every single new emoji in iOS 10.2.

TV app

Behind the new emoji, Apple’s fresh new TV app is probably the most talked-about addition in iOS 10.2, though user response during the beta period was definitely mixed. Apple’s new app is basically a next-generation TV guide for the streaming generation. It pulls in listings from all your favorite movie and TV show streaming services (aside from Netflix, and we explained why back in October) and recommends content to watch based on popularity and viewing history. Once you select a movie or TV show, the app will automatically open the appropriate app so you can start streaming on demand.

It’s a nifty idea, but it’s been done before… and it doesn’t include Netflix content, which is a deal-breaker for many users.

New screen effects in Messages

Third-party stickers in Apple’s Messages app are old news — but screen effects are still cool. Perhaps it’s because screen effects are hidden and people often forget they’re even there until you send one. Well, it’s time to revive them because Apple just added two new ones in iOS 10.2. On it called “love,” and it inflates a big heart that’s attached to the message you send. The other is called “celebration,” and it fills the entire screen with sparklers joined by haptic vibrations.